lazy bones

What We Delivered:
  • Art direction
  • Brand 

We pride ourselves on constantly raising the bar. Sometimes, that means quite literally.

Davy’s Wine Bar runs over 20 different venues across London. The company came to us as they were relaunching Lazy Bones – a cool and contemporary American hangout in Farringdon – hoping to add some spirit to its branding, menus and drinks lists.

After brainstorming over a beer or two, we set out to create a brand that reflected Lazy Bones’ friendly, no-frills, laid-back attitude and values.

That included designing an American-inspired emblem and emblazoning this in a bold, single-colour print on Dutch greybeard to complement the retro style of the bar.

The finished result is something we definitely feel stoked to toast to.

Lazy Bones
Lazy Bones
Lazy Bones
Lazy Bones