What We Delivered:
  • Art direction
  • Brand 
  • Brand development

The nerds among us let out a celebratory cheer (in Klingon, of course) when we were asked to play with a new identity for

Previously named Yellow Bulldog, Geekstore is home to an array of officially licensed movie, TV, comic book and gaming merchandise. With a new name, the company was in need of a new logo, and approached us to come up with something fun and eye-catching that would appeal to its specific target market.

Given Geekstore’s online presence, we wanted to design a logo that would still pack a punch even at a small size. Using a distinctive rounded typeface, we created a typographic one that incorporates the buttons on a games-console controller, making the company’s specialism instantly recognisable.

We also designed labels and packaging to work with the business’s new, refreshed identity.

Game on!


Muze team are our lead designers on the major projects we undertake for our largest clients: Disney, PlayStation, Sega, Capcom, Ubisoft and Atari.

Their design work is innovative, professional, highly admired and Muze consistently deliver the results.

Ben Grant