5 Essentials website design rules

31 May 2018 By root

A good website is not as easy to make as it may seem. You can have all the right content on the page, but if the design is not user friendly and laid out in a methodical, eye-catching way you will not capture your visitors’ attention.

Here are some essential considerations in designing a website:

1. Simplicity is key

If you have a lot of content, cramming all of it on the same page is not an effective way to communicate with your readers. Anyone visiting your website will not want to scan through large amounts of text and imagery to find the section they need. The content needs to be concise, with clear navigation to enable users to easily guide themselves around your website.

Make it easy for your readers to find what they are looking for, and they’re much more likely to stick around and give your business the time and attention it deserves. What’s more, they’ll have a more positive experience and first impression of your business.

2. Colours are crucial

The choice of colour used in a website design is more important than you might think. Ensure that the colours align with your branding and are easy for users to view on screen; for example, users may struggle to see lighter shades on screen, whereas darker/bolder colours can be clearer and more eye catching.

3. Your website needs to be responsive

Not so long ago, people would only be viewing your website on a PC or laptop. These days however, users view websites on a wide array of devices. Phones, tablets and other online methods are becoming more popular for browsing the internet. It’s essential that you ensure your website is set up to allow people to view it however they wish.

4. Make good use of images

A site that is very text heavy can be dull to read, and very uninviting for the user. If there is nothing to break the text up, it can feel like a real effort getting through it. This is where good use of imagery can really benefit and enhance a website.  You may choose to use photos/artwork that you’ve created yourself, stock images, or perhaps you have hired a professional photographer. Whatever you use, it’s important to ensure the images are of a high quality and are relevant and appropriate to the services you provide.

5. Provide excellent content

A good website needs good content. After all, your site can be beautiful and functional, but if it is not offering anything of use or value to the user, then it serves no purpose and they’re not going to stay.

You will need to create content that’s both engaging and useful to your audience. You can either write this yourself, or you can outsource your writing to a professional copywriter. Either way, you can’t afford to skip this step.

If you are in need of a website design refresh, or are looking to set up your first site, then contact us at Muze. We’re a small, local team who can work with you to produce a site that you’ll be proud to show off.